What A Beautiful Day by The Levellers

“What a beautiful day (hey hey)
I’m the king of all time
And nothing is impossible
In my all powerful mind”

“Then we planned the revolution
To make things better for all time”

I’ve loved this song since I first heard it and sang along without properly thinking of the lyrics. Well, if you properly listen to them, then it’s pretty darn powerful.

Even if we ignore the call for a fairer society, and just consider the possibility that we have the power to change our thoughts and feelings instead of becoming them …

(Please see my post on Anger that I made earlier for how I believe it is possible to switch from being Angry to something more wonderful: Acknowledge, Accept and then Align differently.)

Life’s Too Short to Stay Angry

Ever been angry? So angry that you could spend an hour or two ranting to yourself or loved ones (or on Facebook)?

Of course you have. We all get angry at times. It’s our body giving us a Status Update about something that happened that we didn’t like. About a thing in the past! So why do we stay angry then?

Well, it’s my belief we’ll stay angry until we Acknowledge the anger (“OK, thanks for letting me know, Anger”), Accept it (“Anger, you were indeed appropriate for what happened there”) and then Align our thoughts and actions with how we want to feel next (“Anger, it’s not you, it’s me. I’ve got a thing for Joy and we’re meeting up very soon …”).

Maybe you’ve held onto some anger for years about a particular thing or someone. What good is it doing you? If we consider it within the TMTWGR philosophy, there’s an “opportunity cost” to being Angry for a long period (what could you spend that time on instead?). So it kind of makes sense to Acknowledge, Accept and then Align with some new feeling instead, right?

Now I’m not saying you have to do that. It’s your call! But I like making use of the following couple of phrases I made up a few years ago:

“Don’t become your feelings. Become aware of your feelings.”

“Don’t act how you feel; act how you want to feel.”

Thanks for reading! (Hopefully this post didn’t rile anyone up!)