It’s almost like the universe was trying to give me subtle clues all my life to lead me to this point. Here’s the episode of a Kid’s TV Show I was on when I was 11. Not only was it called CLOCKwise and themed around TIME, but it was hosted by the multi-talented Darren DAY.

Time Is The Greatest Gift You Can Give

“Time is the greatest gift you can give.”

In the final months of the job I was doing when I discovered the TMTWGR philosophy, I uttered those words in a team meeting and hoped my co-workers would take note. I can’t remember the exact conversation, but it could have been anything because the words work in so many situations.

Anyway, they absolutely did take note. But not really in the way I expected. On my last day of working there, I received a copy of TIME magazine as one of my leaving presents, with those words on a Post-It note stuck on the front. 

If you’re reading this now, guys, I want to thank you for that humour, and I really hope you did take note on a deeper level too. ❤️

Email to Dave Gorman

On 6th July 2007, I sent this email to Dave Gorman (off the TV). I’d set up the website and blog with some of my ideas on, and wanted to see what he thought. Unfortunately, I never got a reply. He was probably too busy!

Hi Dave,
(I just watched your Googlewack Adventure on Paramount for the third time yesterday. I love it!)

I’m writing a book called “Time Makes The World Go Round” based around the idea that “Spending your time wisely is the key to happiness whilst money is just an expensive distraction”, and figured you would be an excellent person to ask about this, because:

1) You clearly have difficult time management trade-offs to make (e.g. finding good emails from people vs spending too much time reading them)
2) There are presumably lots of ways you could be making more money, but you don’t appear to be prioritising that (which I think is excellent!)

Up until about a month ago, I had always prioritised making money to spend on my goal of making the largest positive impact on the world that I can. My daft plan was to get my own business and then use my power to solve a few of the world’s biggest problems.

Then one day (after inventing a couple of things and getting stressed about patenting them to make lots of money) I realised that I could be following my dreams without the need for money. I would write a book on finding happiness and put it on the web for free:

Anyway, I’ll go now. I’m conscious of using up too much of your time (and hence your happiness)

All the best for the future,
Ian Bolton

I might chase him up on Twitter to see if he ever got the email or not!